Why Do You Need Services of a Recruitment Agency in A Digital Age?

In today’s digitally connected age, job seekers are already registered on online recruitment portals to apply for vacancies online. This makes us do away with services of an intermediary point of contact, the recruitment agency as the logic implies.

But if you carefully observe talent acquisition trends and practices globally, you will notice that companies have not yet bid adieu to the talent search facilitators. What is the extra winning edge of service specialties that the recruitment agencies offer, which the online medium doesn’t?

Advertising jobs online are only the beginning of a recruitment exercise to lure jobseekers and invite applications. However, once applications are received is the time when the recruitment process actually begins. Recruitment for key roles and senior managerial positions can be extremely challenging, given the limited time span offered to HR managers to bring in new hires. This is where services of recruitment agencies come to aid.

They possess a vast repository of applicants for a single position, so the talent search to mine into data becomes much easier. Also, the professional hiring experts in recruitment agencies help filter and scan through loads of resumes manually, thus reducing dependence on ATS. The one major drawback of using ATS is that, if an applicant’s resume does not possess relevant keywords for a job opening, the system automatically rejects such applications on the basis of irrelevant skills. This further escalates the problem for HR professionals to reach out to passive talent.


Role of Recruitment Agency Today

Employers face time crunch to study piles of resumes and filter out applicants for key job roles, understand their background, qualification, aptitude, experiences, and passion for the job. The process in itself is tedious, cumbersome and time-consuming, especially when huge number of aspirants apply to work for corporate majors. Here’s where recruitment agencies help HR managers shortlist skilled applicants, after initial background screening for further rounds.

The reliance on recruitment specialists continues even today irrespective of the online recruitment boom, and as projected the demand for recruiters will only increase in the times to come. While AI tools are designed to aid recruitment processes, hiring talent in isolation devoid of human intelligence and interaction can only create scope for ambiguities to exist. For junior roles, applicants can choose to apply directly online and get in touch with the employer.

However, for senior positions, it’s always advisable to apply via recruitment agencies because this increases candidate’s scope of getting shortlisted too. Some of the established employers are in partnership with reputed recruitment agencies to help facilitate the talent acquisition process in accordance with standard operating guidelines of the company.

As applicable to all areas of life, with every good, there are some obvious grey areas and recruitment industry holds no exception. From an applicant’s viewpoint, a state of dilemma persists – if the job advertisement is genuine or a possible scam, and if the services offered by a recruitment bureau are legit in nature.

An immediate sign of recruitment agency being a fraud can be identified, if the recruiter is less informed about the job opening or if the bureau as undersigned asks you to sign a contract and pay certain fees in lieu of their service offerings, then this should raise an alarm to the job seeker.


Why Do You Need Services of a Recruitment Agency?


Reliable Networks with the Industry – Established recruiters are well-connected with the industry. They do not provide false assurances to job seekers, either to companies. The talent search process and SOPs are transparent to ensure companies of their background screening processes, the current state of the job market, talent acquisition challenges etc. If your business or company is struggling to find the brightest minds with suited skills for the job role, established recruiters should help address your concerns for a standard nominal fee.


They offer access to key strategic skills for senior management positions, which are in demand and also find means to reach out to passive talent. One of the reasons why recruitment agencies have never gone out of date in the digital age is because they offer flexible solutions to cater to talent needs for both short-term and long-term business goals.


If your company is looking at cutting down costs or save on time invested into the hiring processes, then liaison with a reputed recruitment specialist/agency and enter into a contract to fetch the best talent on board. Only engage and entrust your hiring worries to a hiring partner, whose market credibility as a recruitment specialist is well-established among industries.


Help build an employer brand. A trusted recruitment partner will work towards fortifying your brand presence by advertising the job offer on relevant job boards, scanning through the talent pool and queuing up interviews with reliable human resources possessing relevant industry knowledge and experience.


Digital medium has opened up the possibility for news to go viral on social media in just a matter of few seconds. However finally, it’s the intermediary agents who decide if the candidate is an ideal fit for the job role through telephonic interviews and background screening processes before the application is processed further.


So if you are in mid-career phase and looking for a game-changing opportunity, then reach out to these established recruitment players, shoot out your CVs, discuss, network, collaborate and keep elbowing your way for a rewarding career in the long run.


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