How Do You Answer the Job Hopping Question From a Recruiter?

If you have changed many jobs in your career, then you are undoubtedly worried about this question during an interview, “What do you seek in life? It seems you are job hopping quite often.” This question as expected from a recruiter can make you fumble and fidget as you arrive at an appropriate answer with close-end statements, to elucidate your career aspirations, objectives, and reasons for change.

Job hopping within short intervals can make recruiters question your integrity, commitment, dependability, maturity, and passion for the job role. Employers could be afraid of hiring you and getting you onboard. Your reliability as a dedicated employee is thus questionable without a doubt.

So how do you handle such questions without allowing nervousness to overrule your thoughts, actions and the spoken word?

If you genuinely desire the job role and have made efforts to get this far to be shortlisted, then your attitude and focus should be communicated clearly to calm any doubts, fears, and apprehensions of your future employer. Explaining yourself best with a right attitude is the key to winning jobs and cracking the deal.

Do not tread a naive bait approach to win sympathy from the employer on your past experiences. It only goes on to showcase your feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence and perhaps lack of skills as well.

Reputed employers seek stable, reliable, dependable, dedicated and confident employees in the team. It’s not that they do not understand human emotions and vulnerabilities, but they do not make business decisions based on emotional considerations. They are extremely clear about work demands and pressures on the job.

They seek balanced personalities in the team and are willing to go an extra mile offering revised higher pay packages to recruit professional talent.

So, if you do possess all of the above qualities but have not been fortunate enough to bag a great job offer with reputed majors, because of frequent job-hopping, then here are some tricks to win over employer’s confidence:


  • Take responsibility for all of your actions

Responsible employers recruit responsible talent, and they are on constant lookout for talent, who stay committed to their employers and their jobs in the long run (3 to 5 years at least) with a company in today’s age.


  • Do not crib, cry or complain about your previous employer(s) or job role

Employers want positive, optimistic talent on board. If you think your version of the truth, complaining about your past experiences (which could have possibly been a negative one) can win over employer’s confidence to get a job offer, and then perhaps you are led wrong.

Complaints and cries can only make you look weak, while confidence and self-belief despite odds show your strengths to the employer. Hold your firm ground irrespective of the situation around to make yourself look and feel valuable always.


  • Is Money the Only Reason Why you Switch Jobs?

Money is a necessary evil and undoubtedly raison d’etre for the best talent to switch jobs. But is money the only reason why you keep job hopping? Or is it because you do not have a career roadmap in mind for progress?

While you might silently nod to the former, a quiet thought can make you deliberate if the former is what you seek in life. It will help you delve into reasons for your actions and need for constant change. You could perhaps be a personality type that gets bored too easily,  or gets distracted and finds hard to maintain focus on a single career goal.

If you do pride on your ability to multi-task and think money can make all possible, then it’s time you set ego aside and look deeper into your job changing patterns. Analyse and realize to fix your distracted self by practicing meditation and seek answers deep within. The inner torch will ultimately guide you through by illuminating life’s pathway to success and happiness.


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