Mid-Career Change (Industry)

Due to an ever-changing economic landscape, certain industries have experienced a slowdown or worse, companies filing for bankruptcy which brings about the loss of employment. In uncertain times, it is inevitable that the notion of moving or considering a mid-career change to a less volatile or a more ‘in the market’ industry constantly lingers in our minds.

With our government’s initiative such as the Professional Conversion Programmes (WDA), PMETs including mid-career switchers are given the opportunity to undergo skills conversion and move to new sectors or roles which may have good prospects or progression.

A mid-career switch will be one of the many critical decisions which impact our career route map and more importantly, livelihood. Before embarking on the journey of equipping ourselves with skills required by our desired interest in a new sector, it is strongly advised that we gain an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the following few of many factors.

Industry / Sector

  • Market share or influence of industry in the country?
  • What kinds of roles comprise the main workforce of that particular industry?
  • Future growth plans?


  • Will your remuneration expectations be met due to the possible non-relevance of industrial knowledge and skills?
  • If your expectations are not met, would a switch be feasible considering your financial commitments?

Adaptability & Progression

  • A new industry brings about different challenges such as adapting to new processes, the ways things are done etc. Will you be able to adapt, learn and apply at an accelerated pace?
  • Realistically, there would be present employees in the industry that you have targeted, who are probably more relevant, experienced and knowledgeable which are consideration factors for progression. What would your progression opportunities be and what can you do to be on par?

There will be more factors to consider beyond the above. The media have showcased many successful real life career switchers but at the same time, there were probably others who weren’t as successful. A career switch is a road paved with challenges. It is up to us to maintain a positive outlook and pursue what is needed to ensure our transition is as smooth and successful if possible.

Is your career switch a need or an option?